When GDPR knocking at your doorstep….

Recently hearing a lot of rumors about companies who claiming to be compliant to the GDPR / DSGVO So let me try to explain what is on going at the moment. I did a lot of audits with different type of companies and not even one of them is 100& compliant. In a matter of fact these companies […]

Who Needs Agile…

  1 “Are you Agile?” If you’ve been in software development for any time at all, you’ve probably gotten this question at conferences, in meetings with vendors, or even from your own team. Everyone seems to want to know if you’re on board with the Agile development process. This workflow approach is now so well […]


1. Security Standards and Digital Curation The flexibility of digital information can be regarded as a great strength. As software and hardware develop, data can be created, accessed, edited, manipulated and shared with increasing ease, The corollary is that data is vulnerable to unauthorized access, alteration or manipulation, which without checks can easily go undetected, […]

Why ISO 27001 is not enough

Since its publication in October 2005, ISO 27001 has been implemented in many organizations as the best practice for information security management, with over three hundred UK organizations independently certified against the standard. So if these organizations, which range from small and medium to large enterprises, have implemented ISO 27001, why are we still hearing […]

Hi friends and colleagues,

Reaching out for your assistance Hi friends and colleagues, I hope all is well! As many of you know, I have been at my current position as Principal Product Delivery Manager mCommerce for Vodafone Germany for almost 2 years. I have recently decided to look for a new challenge in the project management field and am reaching […]